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General Terms and Conditions relating to Offers Vouchers and Other Promotions and general studio Portraits and Makeovers

From time to time Gary Maxwell will run offers and promotions and supply vouchers. The following rules will apply to all offers and promotions and vouchers. Gary Maxwell does not seek to limit the legal rights of the individual but will apply the following rules in the spirit intended ie. any person seeking to maliciously gain advantage will have the rules applied strictly.


1. Cash Value: The redeemable cash value of any voucher is £0.000001.


2. Right to refuse: Gary Maxwell or his agents reserve the right to refuse a group or individual the benefits of an offer and promotion and voucher for whatever reason seen fit.


3. Benefits of offers, promotions or vouchers apply to full price lists on the products stated.


4. Only one voucher can apply to one sitting at any one time. ie the value of vouchers can not be added together.


5. Notification of the use of a voucher must be stated at the time of booking.


6. Use of Images: With all promotions ( Activity Superstore, Virgin, Nectar, Nescafe, Cherubs etc ) Gary Maxwell reserves the right of copyright and to use images for his promotional purposes. The reduced cost of reprints are deemed payment for this.


7. Voucher time limit: If a voucher is issued with no time limit stated it will be deemed to have elapsed at 31st December of the year issued


8. A booking deposit of at least £20.00 ( may vary on type of session booked) is taken against the diary slot allocated. The deposit is refunded at the viewing session either to a credit/debit card or deducted from the order total. A period of two full working days is required for changes to an appointment or in the event of a cancellation. All amendments have to be in writing or by email to Deposits are only refunded by attending the booked session.


9. Viewing Attendance: With reference to vouchers referring to two for one sessions or where two vouchers are run concurrently, both named clients are required to attend the viewing session unless prior agreement is obtained. I reserve the right to withhold the deposit if this is not observed.


10 All viewing's are conducted in studio. We no longer offer on-line or remote viewings. The session has to be viewed within six months of the session unless previously agreed with Gary. Failure to do this may result in the deposit being retained.


11. No Obligation Vouchers: With most vouchers, the customer is under no obligation to purchase. However, if this is the case the chose has to made from the first 10 images presented for viewing.


11.Any subject under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by either a parent or legal guardian. Failure to adhere to this can result in the session being cancelled and loss of any deposits paid.


12. The use of cameras or other recording devices in studio is strictly prohibited. Use of such devices is deemed as theft and may result in the deposit being withheld.


13. At the point at which an order is placed, or a payment is made for files to be posted to the internet for internet ordering purposes, all deposits become part of a prepayment and become non refundable. Other payments to the order are also none refundable.


14. Time to complete order. Most portrait orders are ready in a calander month, however we reserve the right to take up to 13 weeks to complete an order. Albums can take up to 20 weeks depending on the complexity.


15. Collection of order: After a run of damaged or lost items, as a studio we like all orders to be collected in person and do not offer a postal service as standard.


In the event of postage being demanded a charge of £20 per parcel is payable ( unless stated otherwise in an order deal). In all cases we will use the proof of postage system offer by the Royal Mail and postage is totally at the clients risk. Framed items and albums will need to be collected


16. All orders placed are to be collected within a calendar month of notification of completion unless otherwise arranged. Gary Maxwell reserves the right to charge the credit or debit card used for placement of deposits for any outstanding amounts after this date.


As already stated, Gary Maxwell does not wish to avoid obligations suggested by offers, promotions and vouchers, but will expect the spirit of the offer, promotion or voucher to be accepted by the client.






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