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Press Advert or call 01926 885755 to enquire. Alternativly text "cherubs" to 0799 0790 757

Three portraits of your baby's first year taken by one of the countries leading portrait photographers presented in a beautiful complimentary folio for you to treasure

A Year from now your tiny baby will be an energetic toddler. This change occurs so quickly. Why not let Gary Maxwell capture this special time with a complimentary gift for you and your baby.
To come on board chose either :-

Three Priceless portraits professionally photographed and mounted into a beautiful folio. Their is an joining fee of £20.00, no minimum order on mid-week sessions (minimum applies on week-end ) and the folio is yours to keep.

Or :-

You can join the cherubs scheme for free, but there is no Folio included.
cherub baby photography
Don't miss this unique photo opportunity
Join The Cherub Club NOW!!
What Your Joining Fee of £20.00 Includes
Prices - Granny Packs & Digital CD's
The Cherubs Folio + 3 sessions (4,8 & 12 Months

An introductory Black & White Session up to 13 Weeks
(Must include at least one parent)

Automatic entry into our Kiddies Club after you are given the Folio

A Free Fresh Makeover voucher for Mum!!

Reduced Passport prices for the whole Family

Very competitive prices with up to 50% off our full Portrait price list. Many offers on Canvas and Wall Portraits

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Economy Loose Print Packages

Granny Pack One
(4 x 8x6 prints) £95


Granny Pack Two
(1 10x8 +4 x 8x6 prints) £120

Granny Pack Three
(1 10x8 +9 x 8x6 prints) £190

Mini Digital Packages ( 8x6 @ 250dpi)
Mini DP One 5 8x6 @ 250 £150
Mini DP Two 10 8x6 @ 250 £220
Mini DP Three 20 8x6 @ 250 £320

Full Digital Packages ( 20x16 @ 250dpi)
Full DP One 5 20x16 @ 250 £350
Full DP Two 10 20x16 @ 250 £450
Full DP Three 20 20x16 @ 250 £650

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